Bringing back spontaneity

One of the things I love to do from time to time is take myself on a spontaneous adventure. Every so often I will throw my tent into the car and start driving. Sometimes I’ll take food but I often find that even this isn’t necessary, as part of the adventure can lie in seeing what I find along the way.


Shari Spontaneity GE.png


And the great thing about having a tent is that you don’t need to necessarily book places in advance. You can simply go where your instincts lead you.

You can take this trip on your own, with a partner or even, with your children.

It’s an incredible opportunity to:

  • See where you want to go
  • See what roads open up naturally to you
  • Ask yourself which direction you want to turn at the end of the street
  • Discover where life moves you as a family when you let go of a map
  • Ask the children to take charge of where to go and what to do
  • Totally PLAY together

I remember a few months ago (in winter!) doing just this. Spontaneously getting in my car and driving. Not knowing where I was going. I took no food, just my tent and and bedding and a few clothes. After exploring the south coast, I found myself having lunch in a beautiful pub in Husskison, overlooking Jervis Bay.

I then meandered to the new adventure of Booderee National Park where I explored, set up camp, and created a fire happily knowing I had no food until morning when cafes opened.  As I sat by it, a young couple came to share the fire, then delighted in sharing their dinner with me! Once again I experienced the magic of being in the kindness and companionship of previously unknown strangers.

[The Beautiful Beings who shared their meal and companionship with me.]

This surrender to life, to the unknown, to the unexpected, is what can bring us alive.  Its these moments we can look back on and smile… at the Preciousness of Life.

So much of our life ends up pre-planned by ourselves or someone else and this spontaneous way of adventuring is a chance to let go of all that, and simply take ourselves where the moment calls.

With love,