The 4 Step Process Our Powerful Clients Use to Shift Any Family Conflict into Real Connection… 

 Without Backing Down, Making Wrong, or Hiding Who They Really Are.

(Even IF other family members are not focused on resolving the conflict!!!)

The 4 Step Process Our Powerful Clients Use to Shift Any Family Conflict into Real Connection… 

Without Backing Down, Making Wrong, or Hiding Who They Really Are.

(Even IF other family members are not focused on resolving the conflict!!!)

At this 2 day training you will learn:

The step-by-step process to shift that looming negative feeling within your family, to instead creating and fostering genuine understanding, connection and mutual respect

How my clients finally get to a place they can enjoy their family, find delight in coming home, and where the family actually enjoys spending time together. Where conflict stops stealing the joy of being together.

The real reason walking away from an argument is the WORST thing you can do to resolve conflict and the clear process our clients use to bring calm, mutual understanding and compassionate communication even when they feel frustrated themselves.

Why “being nice” will actually escalate a conflict, and the simple process we use instead to access genuine closeness

How to stop triggering defensiveness in each other, and instead communicate with realness, so your family can enjoy gatherings, travelling, and when they see friends and family they feel proud of the amazing relationships and respect they have for one another!!!

AND… how they’ve done all this without making themselves or anyone else wrong, learning “scripts”, seeing therapists, OR making themselves a different person (and becoming a shell of who they are)!!!

Shari Elle


Shari Elle is an internationally recognised high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, with over 22 years of Connection Experience.

She has helped thousands of clients build trust and closeness with family members, reignite disconnected relationships with their partners, assert influence in their organisations, find their authenticity and voice, and become powerful mentors in their community.

Shari has worked internationally with business leaders, individuals, and organisations, specialising in creating powerful relationships that focus on what matters, and which uplift and validate each other from the power of authenticity and empathy.  


Shari Elle


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What People Are Saying About NVC

I appreciate how well Nonviolent Communication reduces a very complex and needful topic to utter simplicity.

HAL DOIRON, Director, Columbine Community Citizen's Task Force

I highly recommend … applying the NVC process.  It is a significant first step towards changing our communication and creating a compassionate world.

-ARUN GANDHI, Founder/President, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

The principles of Nonviolent Communication… are instrumental in creating an extraordinary and fulfilling quality of life. [This] compassionate and inspiring message cuts right to the heart of successful communication.

TONY ROBBINS, author of Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited Power, and PowerTalk!

With the growth in today's dysfunctional families and the increase of violence in our schools, Nonviolent Communication is a godsend.

LINDA C. STOEHR, Los Colinas Business News

[These skills] give people a way of listening so others feel not just heard, but understood.

- Thomas Gordon, creator Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

We learned to speak but not communicate and that has led to so much unnecessary personal and social misery. In [NVC] you will find an amazingly effective language for saying what’s on your mind and in your heart. Like so many essential and elegant systems, it’s simple on the surface, challenging to use in the heat of the moment and powerful in its results.

VICKI ROBIN, co-author of Your Money or Your Life

[NVC] provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships. [It] connects soul to soul, creating a lot of healing. It is the missing element in what we do.

DEEPAK CHOPRA, author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

I believe the principles and techniques in this book can literally change the world, but more importantly, they can change the quality of your life with your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your coworkers and everyone else you interact with. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

JACK CANFIELD, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

These dynamic communication techniques transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues. You'll learn simple tools to defuse arguments and create compassionate connections with your family, friends, and other acquaintances. I highly recommend this [work].

JOHN GRAY, PhD, author of Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus

Marshall's unique message gives teachers easy steps for peaceful communication and a new way to work with children and parents.”

BARBARA MOFFITT, Executive Director, National Center for Montessori Educators

I had come to realize that my old communication style was very judgmental and full of faultfinding. Both my work associates and I were unhappy. My life is significantly changed due to practicing Nonviolent Communication. I am more settled and relaxed even when I am busy. I no longer feel the need to discover fault or place blame. Everyone is happy to be working with me for the first time in my 33 years of owning and operating my own businesses.

A businessman in California

What people are saying about working with Shari

Next time I met with [family member involved] I was able to be present and just listen.  Then together we were able to resolve our concerns.  Thank you Shari!

~ Foundation Training participant

This is wonderful, I’m over the moon.  I’m exhausted but I am so excited because my daughter and I really really connected last night.  For the first time ever. 

For 3 hours my daughter [who I have had challenges with] and I were talking and I spoke to her finally about the time she … and there was something that [was something troubling going on for daughter] and I told her how it made ME feel that she came to me that I was so PROUD of her for telling me.  I was telling her my feelings, and then she was telling me her feelings, it was just WOW – like a thousand pennies dropping from the sky.  I just cant get over it I was so excited. 

Normally the connection I have is quite surface level. 

She and I are quite touchy on some subjects, but last night, we touched a subject that we had opposite thoughts to… but we managed to get around it so we both agreed on different things.  And we were still able to come together and agree as a whole.  Ive never had that connection with her before.  We were never as close as what the outcome last night was.  It was SO… I cant even describe the feeling that I had!  Its like… “alight”, “alive”. 

A whole lot of weight is off my shoulders because I didn’t want her to go along a path that isn’t what she wanted for herself.  I’m over the moon!!!

Last night she said a naughty word to my husband, and that’s how it all started.  And she did disrespect him in what she said to him, and he just roared in her face.  And teenages are not going to listen.  So afterward, I shared with him what we learnt in this program.  I tried to explain to him to the best of my ability what we had learnt and I said “you know what? Yelling at her isn’t going to get respect, it isn’t going to have connection with her, it isn’t going to get you anywhere” and we had a big talk about that.  Later on that night he came back and said “oh, now I see what you’re talking about and I see where you are coming from” ‘cos he had watched her and I talking for 3 hours and we were just like nuts and crazy and having fun and talking and being excited as we connected.

Then this morning, I took her to the airport and she stopped mid sentence to say “well, I didn’t swear this time”.  Which is great, cos we have had a big problem with her swearing.  This morning I sent her off to camp and she said “hey mum” and I turned, and she kissed me and told me she loved me. It is amazing.

And today, our connection is so strong that she just keeps sending me texts to tell me what is happening for her on camp.  I can’t believe it!

Micky – Participant sharing after day one of 2 day foundation training

Hi Shari,

Thanks so much for providing me with such a deeply moving weekend of NVC training. The first thing that became really obvious to me during the training was that my 'fix it'' approach to everything could greatly benefit from a holiday and more regular empathy practice could fill in for it. It ( empathy) was such a big hurdle that you  guided us through so skillfully. I imagine I'll never forget the feeling & I'm still there actually. I've taken the morning off to write to my long lost Ex to connect and express some regrets & mourning I had tucked away in the bottom draw & had not shared with him.

I talked to my husband when I got home last night and this morning with a fresh voice about my deep need for peace & harmony & afterwards he suggested that emotional safety might also be a need for me & I agreed. Yes, these 3 needs of mine seem very closely connected. The way I was able to express myself to my husband around my needs was much clearer & remained in touch with my life energy as we talked & I saw that in his eyes he received the words as a gift. So that was pretty awesome. Wow. What an awesome weekend for everyone. I've got goose bumps starting to form as I think about what might be in October! Thank-you so much Shari. Your enthusiasm, honesty, generosity & your embodiment of what you are sharing just made it one very wonderful life serving weekend for seven fortunate  baby giraffes.

Oceans of empathy
Abbey 🙂

Dear Shari,

I really enjoyed the past 2 days as well as this morning as I have been reading over my notes and reflecting – noticing times I have done things without joy in my heart, used praise to gain repeat behaviour and not being honest or clean in my communication.  I am going to aim to work on all this because I need and enjoy deeper connection and more community.  Thank you for your heartfelt, competent and experienced leading of our workshop.  I loved that you were fully engaged with us, sharing with us your full energy, passion, deep stories and love…. Its beautifully contagious.  Lovely. 

With much love

I really appreciate you Shari, the joyful energy and spirit you bring really give me inspiration and a sense of lightness. I love your sense of fun.

How lucky we are to have such a wonderful, heartful and experienced trainer in the Australian community. Thank you for sharing your radiant self and your gifts.

Many thanks,
Emma R

I recently observed a conversation (as a third party) that for both parties was extremely frustrating.  As I watched both parties compete for space in the conversation to explain what their issue was and why, I saw that neither party was actually listening to the other.

In later conversations with one of them, I described to her what I had seen and heard both of them saying in NVC language.  I saw one of them seeking reassurance that she had done a good job on the product in question, given the difficult circumstances she was in, and the other party expressing his discomfort about the situation he was in as his clients expressed their dislike for the product and its requirements.  During this conversation she expressed her difficulties she had in approaching this person and talking to him about these things.

Later in the day, she approached that person again to discuss the product, to talk more about what he would need from the product and express more comfortably her experiences in developing it.  This was a far more productive conversation that also resulted in some positive personal feedback to her that she was extremely happy with.

Amanda LParticipant sharing after 2 day foundation training

Thank you very much for the NVC Foundation Training weekend and the follow up emails. My thoughts kept going back to what was discussed, and what I learned and how it affects my private life, work and everyday lives.

The workshop was excellent: the content, your presentation and the other participants.

My partner and I have been discussing the various concepts and tools and how we will apply it in our workplace [and homes] and how we will support each other in going forward. We already have a very positive and strong working relationship but NVC will provide more clarity and a reality check on the way we work and communicate and the various issues we face.

All the best
Marco D

I attended the Nonviolent Communication course after it was recommended to me by a colleague who I respect for their ability to lead discussions and guide group thinking toward solutions.

I was looking for a course that would give me more confidence in group situations where I needed to clearly express a particular viewpoint or where I needed to quickly identify and express a potential solution to a group issue. I also recognised that at times I felt intimidated in situations where I needed to ask for assistance. Doing the NVC Foundation training fulfilled those expectations for me.

The results of having undertaken the two day NVC Foundation training are that:

  • I now have greater confidence in expressing a viewpoint or delegating tasks. This is due to honestly assessing what my intention is and being comfortable with how my request or idea is actually about fulfilling a recognised need.
  • I feel that I am more effective in dealing with situations of potential conflict. This is due to having a better awareness of how to examine what the issues are, so that they can be resolved in a manner that respects all parties.
  • I feel that I now express myself more clearly as I now take a more considered approach in decision making or issue identification.

Nonviolent Communication is not about giving you tools to make yourself heard, it is more about giving you an awareness of how to communicate (including listening!) so that issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively. 

NVC is applicable across all levels of an organisation as it is about an approach to thinking rather than just being tools to wield.

NVC is a whole lot more than that, but in terms of work life – I will leave it at that.

~Michael, Participant in 2 Day Foundation Training

I am amazed by how much everyone around me has changed since I did the course with you, and how much better they are communicating with me! (lol)

Thanks Shari