The 4 Step Process Our Powerful Clients Use to Shift Any Family Conflict into Real Connection…

 Without Backing Down,
Making Others Wrong, or Hiding Who They Really Are

Even IF other family members are not focused
on resolving the conflict..

Are you experiencing conflict in your family relationships, stress, distance, misunderstandings, and just not creating the closeness you would like? 

This 2 day training will transform difficult family dynamics into mutually respectful relationships, deeper connections, and conscious and compassionate communication.

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Corrective Culture interview with Shari Elle about Nonviolent Communication

and the 2 day In-Person Training.

So many people whose families are in conflict are using methods which take a long time and still don't change the underlying challenges in the relationship.  You don't have to find the "right words to say", see relationship counsellors, or use strategies to "win love".

In this 2 day live training you will walk away with the skills to quickly and effectively turn your relationships around - bringing a new quality of connection and authenticity to every relationship - at home and at work.

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At This 2 Day Training You Will Learn:

The step-by-step process to shift that looming negative feeling within your family, to instead create and foster genuine understanding, connection and mutual respect

How my clients finally get to a place they can enjoy their family, find delight in coming home, and where the family actually enjoys spending time together. Where conflict stops stealing the joy of being together.

The real reason walking away from an argument is the WORST thing you can do to resolve conflict and the clear process our clients use to bring calm, mutual understanding and compassionate communication even when they feel frustrated themselves.

Why “being nice” will actually escalate a conflict, and the simple process we use instead to access genuine closeness

How to stop triggering defensiveness in each other, and instead communicate with realness, so your family can enjoy gatherings, travelling, and when they see friends and family they feel proud of the amazing relationships and respect they have for one another!!!

AND… how they’ve done all this without making themselves or anyone else wrong, learning “scripts”, seeing therapists, OR making themselves a different person (and becoming a shell of who they are)!!!

Shari Elle

Shari Elle is an internationally recognised high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, with over 22 years of Connection Experience.

She has helped thousands of clients build trust and closeness with family members, reignite disconnected relationships with their partners, assert influence in their organisations, find their authenticity and voice, and become powerful mentors in their community.

Shari has worked internationally with business leaders, individuals, and organisations, specialising in creating powerful relationships that focus on what matters, and which uplift and validate each other from the power of authenticity and empathy.  




Choose Your Location:

Melbourne (In Person)

Register13 Jan - 14 Jan 2024Brunswick Melb - Foundation Training - 2 Day - with Shari ElleView Flyer


Register20 Jan - 21 Jan 2024Crows Nest Sydney - Foundation Training - 2 Day - with Shari ElleView Flyer

Sunshine Coast (In Person)

6 Nights Live Training (Online)

What People Are Saying About this Training


"The principles of Nonviolent Communication… are instrumental in creating an extraordinary and fulfilling quality of life. [This] compassionate and inspiring message cuts right to the heart of successful communication."

Tony Robbins


Tony Robins


"[NVC] provides us with the most effective tools to foster health and relationships. [It] connects soul to soul, creating a lot of healing. It is the missing element in what we do."

Deepak Chopra


Deepak Chopra


"I believe the principles and techniques in this book can literally change the world, but more importantly, they can change the quality of your life with your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your coworkers and everyone else you interact with. I cannot recommend it highly enough."


Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield Author


"We learned to speak but not communicate and that has led to so much unnecessary personal and social misery. In [NVC] you will find an amazingly effective language for saying what’s on your mind and in your heart. Like so many essential and elegant systems, it’s simple on the surface, challenging to use in the heat of the moment and powerful in its results."

Vicki Robbin


Vicki Robin

What People Are Saying About Working with Shari

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"Your Questions, Answered"

What is covered in the 2 Day Training?

Real life skills in how to create understanding, connection, safety and honesty, both within families and in the workplace.

Some of what is included is:


  • Understanding what creates conflict and connection
  • How to listen to what is really going on for yourself and others
  • Expressing yourself from the power of authenticity
  • Listening to others from deep listening rather than trying to solve, shut down, contain emotions, (and more) so understanding is experienced
  • Communication “scaffolding” that supports us to “stay in our lane"
    and not move into (even subtle) judgement.
  • Making powerful requests that supports enriching life.
    … and much more.

Is the training just theoretical or do we get to practice our real-life challenges?

The training is done in segments where we cover the theory of what we are about to apply, and then experience it as a group.  You then get to apply your real-life examples to what you have just learnt.  There is plenty of practice.

My experiences are private, do I have to share?

No.  It is totally up to you to choose what you would like to disclose and use as examples and what you want to keep private.  You are always at choice.

And, the more you apply these skills in real life situations, the easier it will be to use them in your real-life situations.

I’ve already learnt some NVC, is this training still relevant?

Yes!!! There is no assumed communication or NVC knowledge required for this training, and the more NVC training you have done PRIOR to attending, the more insight you will gain from the training itself.

There will be pre materials sent once you register so that you can prepare with if you like.

I'm not very good with my emotions. Is this still relevant for me?

Yes!  It will help to give you more understanding of what is going on when we are reactive and how to better navigate emotions when they come up… in you and others.

Is this training just another “sales event”?

No!!! This training stands alone, and teaches you real life practical skills that you will wonder why every human has not been taught at school.  It provides profound insights into understanding any relational challenges you may be facing, and you get to practice the skills which will transform your relationships and your life.


And… for some people they will want to build fast fluency with these skills and unlearning of habits developed over decades.  There will be opportunities offered to do this.

Booking and Refunds Policy:

We will happily transfer your booking to an alternate date (once) however refunds are not available.

We do not split payments for "Bring a Friend" bookings.

Once booked, a confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days.  Please check your spam or junk folder.