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Essential Skills to create Richer and more Empowered Lives!

Are you ready to enrich all your Relationships... at work and at home... including with Yourself?

Transform all your relationships and live authentically with Shari Elle's
NVC Foundational Communication Training.  Move beyond learned patterns of relating to create understanding, experience the aliveness of being with what really matters, and have the ability to compassionately hear another... even when what they are saying is said in a way that's tough to hear!

Join us for a 2-day live or 6-session online training and experience the transformation of your life and all your relationships today.

Our Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainings

What we say IS powerful. Our words, and how we hear others, affect the level of trust and conflict we experience in each of our relationships.

By learning this 4 Step Process you can create deep understanding and real connection… without backing down, chasing, "making wrong", or hiding who you really are.

And you can do all this even IF other family members don’t have these powerful skills!!!

Upcoming Foundation Trainings (Level One NVC)

This time proven process of Nonviolent Communication, (named from alignment with Ghandi and Martin Luther King) is a world famous methodology to:

> Create exceptional personal and professional relationships
> Ask for compassionate understanding for ourselves
> Hear behind the way something is being said to hear what is really meant
> Prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflict
> Speak authentically, in a way that leads to harmony
> Create willingness without coercion

These 4 simple steps within NVC help you let go of habits of blame, criticism, submission, aggression and “fixed thinking” which make it difficult to connect with those we care about. You really can build happy and powerful relationships.

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Intermediate & Advanced Trainings (Level 2 +3 NVC)

These transformational programs and workshops have been designed to expand your professional practices with NVC... helping you to integrate all that you have learnt into your home, relationships, work and life —  your family will benefit too!

Level 3, 6 Month PEER LEADERSHIP MASTERS (PLM) 5 Feb to 6 Aug 2024 (Prerequisite L2-PLP)In Person Plus Online (Sunshine Coast)5 Feb - 6 Aug 2024More InformationSold Out
Level 2, 6 MONTH PEER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (PLP) 22 February 2024 to 2 September 2024In Person Plus Online (Sunshine Coast)22 Feb - 2 Sep 2024More InformationSold Out
Level 1, 2 Day Professional Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Foundations for Leadership - Sydney - 4 & 5 July 2024Crows Nest Sydney4 Jul - 5 Jul 2024View FlyerRegister
Level 1, 2 Day Professional Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Foundations for Leadership - Brunswick MelbourneBrunswick East Melbourne25 Jul - 26 Jul 2024View FlyerRegister
Level 2, 6 MONTH PEER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (PLP) 8 August 2024 to 17 March 2025In Person Plus Online (Sunshine Coast)8 Aug - 17 Mar 2025View FlyerRegisterExpress Interest
Level 1, 2 Day Professional Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Foundations for Leadership - Sydney - 26 & 27 Sep 2024Crows Nest Sydney26 Sep - 27 Sep 2024View FlyerRegister

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Get Ready to take your NVC skills to the next level!

If you have learned these skills and want to live from this power and alignment more fully in your life, these advanced programs will enhance and integrate your NVC skills into every aspect of your life... as well as connect you with a community of Giraffes!

Meet Shari! 

Shari Elle is an internationally recognised high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, with over 22 years of Communication and Leadership Experience.

She has worked internationally with business leaders, individuals, and organisations, specialising in creating powerful relationships that focus on what matters, and which uplift and validate each other from the power of authenticity and empathy.

Shari is the creator of the Peer Leadership Program, a mentored extended program which integrates these skills and helps people connect with and influence family members, colleagues, and community, helping them become powerful leaders who focus on Enriching Life.

She has helped thousands of clients build trust and closeness with family members, reignite disconnected relationships with their partners, assert influence in their organisations, find their authenticity and voice, and become powerful mentors in their community.

Shari Elle

Our Clients are Celebrating!

Audra's journey with us through our Peer Leadership Program has been nothing short of incredible.
Here is what she has to say...

Troy's experience with us, integrating Nonviolent Communication practices into all aspects of his life, has been truly transformational in his work, relationships and wellbeing. Troy uses these skills to support teens and their parents in his Veteran Mentor Programs.
This is what he has to say...


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At this time, many people have a deep inner calling to fully give the gifts they sense they are uniquely here to give. To step out of what is holding them back and become the Powerful Leaders they came here to be...
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