Is there something you are ignoring?

A few days ago I sat in a café with a friend when the conversation turned to the subject of ‘inner knowing’. I knew the topic was important so I posted a video on Facebook straight away, while still sitting with my friend.

I thought that would be enough but on reflection, I felt instinctively that more was needed on this topic because many people talk about ‘inner knowing’ (or an inner voice) but far fewer people have the courage and soul-seeking self awareness to stop, listen and most vitally, take action.

The video in this email is for you if you have ever thought you were ‘on path’ but at the same time felt an inner knowing that told you something different. In it, I share a personal story from 17-years ago when my entire life course changed direction.

If this video rings true for you then I hope it will be enough to have you stop ignoring the voice inside of you (no matter how quiet it may be), listen deeply, and take whatever actions are necessary to be in alignment with what you know.

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