Expired L1, NVC FOR LEADERS FOUNDATION TRAINING (NEW!!) Thursday 4 & Friday 5 April 2024

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NVC for Leaders ~

Foundation Training (Level 1).

With Shari Elle

North Sydney

Develop the skills to take your Leadership and area of influence to the next level by cultivating the most overlooked yet vital element – Human Connection and Trust… even in Conflict.


Our ever-changing world is crying out for more compassionate, connected and heart-centred leaders. Leaders who know how to collaborate, are not afraid of difficult conversations, are able to use power wisely and skilfully, and are for the betterment of humanity and the betterment of our world. Leaders that step forward with passion and purpose and are able to support the development and wellbeing of the people they lead.


This is why Nonviolent Communication’s tools are not just effective but truly life-changing.


Through the practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) we develop the awareness to become more effective leaders who are more aware of our own biases, and able to connect and collaborate with humans from different belief systems, across cultures, with diversity and differing perspectives.  We are better able to cultivate connection and understanding and safety within our environments. 


This powerful framework teaches us how to become more mindful in our communications, leadership style and our interactions with others. When we become conscious of the way we show up, speak and connect with others, we are able to establish better relationships, more collaborative work environments and form deeper connections and trust.


NVC is a tool that is talked about and used all over the world in workplaces, businesses and organisations. It is powerful and effective in transforming good leaders into GREAT leaders.


The skills you learn in these 2 days will enrich all your relationships, personally and professionallyincluding with yourself!

Some Learning Outcomes in these 2 Days:

  • Clarity on what are the types of language which support Engagement, Connection, Safety, and Trust and what undermines it.
  • What is “Authentic Leadership” and why is it vital to influence outcomes.
  • The 4 steps and 2 frames of Nonviolent Communication (Connected Communication) and how to use them to create non-judgmental and clear communication, not just for you but for your team members as well.
  • How to create teams focused on possibility, and what you want, rather than negativity and silent resistance.
  • How to have difficult conversations that matter without avoidance or using position.
  • The roadmap of conflict, what to avoid, and how to have wisdom filled and transparent conversations about what really matters.
  • How to pay attention to the little cues of resistance and harvest the wisdom within them, detecting problems long before they escalate.
  • Learn to listen beyond the difficult things that people are saying to what really matters.  To hear what is in someone’s heart rather than their thoughts.  Whilst fostering trust and respect in the team.
  • Giving difficult feedback in a way that fosters trust and engagement and does not use trust-reducing “tools” (for example “the sandwich technique”).
  • The vital part that appreciation plays in our teams, why it matters, and how to use it in a way that people will love to hear.
  • The important role of Power in Leadership, what it looks like, how to use it wisely, clarity around the difference between structural power and aligned power and when to use each to build trust and engagement.
  • Making powerful requests that enrich life.
  • And so much MORE!
  • All these tools will not only enrich everything you do in the workplace and power your purpose in the world, but they will  also enrich your connection with every person you love in your life!  You will nourish closeness and connection in your relationships with your partner, children, parents, friends…  and especially with yourself!


The most common thing people say about this 2 day training is that it is GENUINELY LIFE CHANGING.  Come and experience the gift of becoming the Leader and Change Maker you always wanted to be!


About Shari Elle.

For the past 23 years I have taught and supported more than 10,000 people in Nonviolent Communication and have walked beside about 800 people in long term, close-up NVC journey’s to give them the life-changing NVC skills that have revolutionised their lives.

I have walked beside business owners and leaders of large organisations and social change agents and supported them to transform their businesses, organisations, sphere’s of influence and their family lives.

Because of my depth of experience and insight, I can see and assist with ‘the piece/s’ that will shift the dial in whatever challenges the leader or organisation is facing.  Ironically, often the same issues will be turning up in some form at home.

I see people’s hearts and speak plainly, calling them forward beyond their “roles” and coping patterns.  It is who I am and it is my greatest joy – and why I am here at this time – to support leaders who are here to make a difference!

I can’t wait to support you in these 2 days!


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Dates and Times

  •  April 4, 2024 - April 5, 2024
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm



80 William Street North Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2060, Australia