Welcome to the Communication Group

A revolutionary model for communication which supports both compassion and empowerment.

Based on ‘Nonviolent Communication’ created by Marshall Rosenberg, the Communication Group has a range of programmes for business, government, schools, individuals and families.

Current Trainings

What we say IS powerful. Our words, and how we hear others, affect the level of trust and conflict we experience in each of our relationships. By learning NVC we bring power, compassion and love to every interaction, whether at work or home.

Event Location Dates
NVC Foundation Training Hobart - Sat 7 & Sun 8 Sept 2019 Hobart 7 Sep - 8 Sep 2019 View Flyer Register
NVC Foundation Training Abbotsford - Fri 20 - Sun 22 September 2019 Abbotsford Convent Abbotsford 20 Sep - 22 Sep 2019 View Flyer Register

NVC for Professional Development

Professional workshops to expand your professional practices... and your family will benefit too! 

Advanced Trainings


If you have learned NVC and want to live it more fully in your life, imagine spending 5 glorious days totally immersed in NVC in a beautiful, serene location! Every day you and your mini-community of NVC-ers will learn, share and practice together under the guidance of two Certified NVC Trainers, enhancing and integrating your NVC skills to every aspect of your life.

Event Dates
Embodying NVC - Power and Purpose: Fully giving my gifts in the world 22 Oct - 27 Oct 2019 View Details