NVC Peer Leadership Masters (PLM) 6 Month 20 February 2024

Next Program Commences: 20 February 2024

Take the next step in your journey with the NVC Peer Leadership Masters Program and become Clear, Confident and Powerful in your authenticity.

So you have completed the 6 Month Peer Leadership Program AND, you know your journey is still evolving…

  • You have learnt and practiced these skills.
  • You have the knowledge and know that the next phase is consolidating and reinforcing what you have learnt, as well as learning this even more powerfully.
  • You know what it is to courageously be in your home zone and speak and listen from an open heart with honesty.
  • Things look different in your workplace.  You trust yourself more.  You are valuing the uniqueness you bring and trusting your Leadership.
  • Your family is discovering a new YOU… and THEY are learning this awareness and way of communicating from seeing how much you have grown and how you are newly showing up.
  • Life looks and feels different to when you started your journey in NVC :~)
  • The community you have been part of has been invaluable in supporting you as you integrate your NVC teachings.

You are on your way to integrating these skills.  You love what you have experienced so far, for you and those around you, and you can sense there is more…

YOU ARE READY ... to take this NVC Way of Being into your Leadership and Life in Deeper levels of Naturalisation.

  • To loosen up your everyday language even more, fully naturalised, more succinct, and still remaining in the heart of NVC.
  • To continue to liberate ourselves and build our NVC skills.
  • To move from the FULLNESS of the Needs
  • To courageously make requests that are beyond the limitations of what you thought previously possible.
  • Live from the ALIVENESS within your body and make life choices moment to moment from the inner YES.
  • Be clear in your purpose, your dharma, and powerfully move in alignment with it.
  • To openly receive the abundance of support around us.
  •  Deeply appreciate and honour yourself and all around you.
  • Listen empathically to the aliveness in OTHERS, fully naturalising the way you listen.
  • Trusting whole heartedly the Grace of Life.
  • Be aware of what we are selecting to observe and how it may be skewing our perceptions and what we expect and potentially create!
  • To Move from Gratitude in Life
  • Support others to find their authenticity within themselves.
  • Feel confident to connect with people from all sorts of world perceptions and paradigms, even when you dont "agree".
  • Live your Truest Life!

You know that time is short and life is not to be wasted.  That there is a deeper calling inside you waiting to be shared more fully in the world.  That now is the time for this deep alignment, for you, for all around you, and for Life and this planet.  It is NOW.


This is the purpose of the Peer Leadership Masters (PLM).

Outline of Program

The Peer Leadership Masters is for those who have completed the Peer Leadership 6 Month Program.  It runs over a six month period and it’s transformational power is achieved through our group intention, training, mentoring, community, and the focused integration of this practice over this time.


  • Fortnightly Tuesday evening sessions: 2 hour live evening sessions together, refresher/training and practice.
  • 2 x 3 day Masters Weekends – These are days we go deeper together, covering topics relevant to the Masters Group.  AND we mix in PLAY!!!
  • Mentoring by Shari. Shari will be working closely with each person over the 6 months and offering personalized guided feedback every step of the way.
  • Community Support from Mastermind members. Each member is holding each other and supporting each other in the fullest way possible.  Signal group (or alternative platform) will be used.
  • Monthly Pod Group with Shari. This time is yours.  Ask questions, bring practice, make requests, whatever you want.
  • One on one access to Shari. You will have direct access to Shari by text or email, with questions, celebrations, or anything else you need.
  • Unlimited Access to NVC Foundation Trainings offered by Shari.
  • Empathy and Support Buddy (optional) Empathy buddies are available if you would like, these will rotate monthly.
  • Recordings of all Training Sessions for ongoing private reference.

About Shari Elle

Shari Elle is an internationally recognised high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, with over 22 years of Connection Experience.

She has worked internationally with business leaders, individuals, and organisations, specialising in creating powerful relationships that focus on what matters, and which uplifts and validates each other from the power of authenticity and empathy.

Shari is the creator of the Peer Leadership Program, a mentored extended program which integrates these skills and helps people connect and influence with family members, colleagues, and community, helping them become Powerful Leaders who focus on Enriching Life.

She has helped thousands of clients build trust and closeness with family members, reignite disconnected relationships with their partners, assert influence in their organisations, find their authenticity and voice, and become powerful mentors in their community.



Time Commitment Required for Program:

The aim of this program is for it to be incorporated into the participant’s regular lives and therefore does not require large amounts of time commitment outside of the specified training.  The daily embodiment with support is where the shifts happen.


PLM Program and Certification:

Accreditation for NVC certification is coordinated by CNVC and is independent of this training.  Refer to Certification Pack on CNVC website www.cnvc.org.  All work done in the PLM with Shari contributes to the number of days and hours which you are accruing toward your 50 days.  And of course to the inner alignment which is necessary for certification.


We are also covering much of the content you will require for certification.  The skills you learn, both in NVC skills and how to share NVC are directly applicable to certification.


In addition, if you are intending or considering becoming certified, I suggest you use this 6 month period to compile your NVC jackal and giraffe and personal insights journal that is required for certification.


Training Practice – You are welcome to share components of the Foundation Training during one of Shari’s Foundation Training, as well as use Shari’s support and the support of the group to prepare trainings to present to workplaces, friends, etc.  We can also video these and they become part of your portfolio for Certification Assessment.

malibu sunset

Commencement Dates:


  • Program commences on the evening of Tuesday 20th February 2024 and concludes Tuesday 20th August 2024.


Total investment for the program is $5500.

Please note, this is the last time this program will be run at this price.

Payment Options:

  • Pay in Full: $900 deposit on application, with the remainder $4600 due before commencement of program.  (Total $5500 inc GST)
  • Monthly Payments: $900 refundable deposit* on application.  Then 6 Monthly payments of $850 AUD (Total  $6000 inc GST)
  • Or by other agreed method.  Please discuss.

If finances are an issue for you, please contact me to explore options of how this program may be possible for you.

Please note, as this is a mutual commitment, once you have committed to join this program, there are no cancellations and if you leave the program, all monthly payments are still due.

I would like this program to be accessible for everyone regardless of financial circumstances.  If you are currently seeing this amount as beyond your affordability, please contact me so we can explore strategies to meet everyone’s needs.

Appendix - Dates:

Fortnightly On-Line Live Tuesday Night Trainings


  • The time for each call is 7pm to 9pm Sydney Time
  • All trainings are on zoom and will be recorded and uploaded to Program Platform.
  • 20 Feb, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 2 Apr, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 14 May, 28 May, 11 June, 25 June, 9 July, 23 July, 6 Aug, and 20 Aug.

2 x 3 Day Weekend Trainings - On the Sunshine Coast.


  • Training One:
    6pm gathering on Thurs 21 March.
    9.30 am - 5.30 pm Friday 22nd,
    9.30 am to 5.30 pm Saturday 23rd
    9.30 am to 3.00 pm Sunday 24th March
  • Training Two:
    6pm gathering on Thurs 27 June.
    9.30 am - 5.30 pm Friday 28th,
    9.30 am to 5.30 pm Saturday 29th
    9.30 am to 3.00 pm Sunday 30th June
  • Accommodation:
    There is limited accommodation available for booking on site (first in first served basis).  Otherwise accommodation is to be organised by participant.  There is plenty of nearby AirBnb accommodation in walking distance.
  • Meals:
    We will provide a meal for the gathering on the first night.  Evening meals are up to participants (we may go out or order in or you may want to have an evening to yourself to decompress).  Lunch is a communal share with everyone bringing a plate.

If this program sounds interesting for you, then register here or send me an email to shari@communicationgroup.com.au sharing what it is that you are inspired/interested by and we will arrange a time to have a 15 minute conversation and see if it is for you.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Shari on shari@communicationgroup.com.au or call me on 0412233955.


I am so deeply inspired by the next generation of NVC leaders and the influence they may have in the world.  And by the awareness and compassion we are nurturing together on the earth.

I look forward to our journey together, and I can't wait to be with you in this exciting program.


~ Warmly, Shari Elle

ph: 0412 233 955.