Authentic Leadership. Communication Trainings for Aware Leaders. 

These trainings support Leaders to collaborate and use power skillfully and with wisdom, in a way that fosters trust, and builds confidence and trust to navigate difficult conversations with care and mutual compassion. This opportunity is for those who are leaders, managing a team, or wanting to step into something bigger than themselves.

“We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice.
Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.”

- Martin Luther King

Our ever-changing world is crying out for more compassionate, connected and heart-centred leaders. Leaders who know how to collaborate, are not afraid of difficult conversations, are able to use power skillfully and with wisdom, and are for the betterment of humanity and the betterment of our world. Leaders that step forward with passion and purpose and are able to support the development and wellbeing of the people they lead.


This is why Nonviolent Communication's tools are not just effective but truly life-changing.


Through the practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) we can penetrate human consciousness, creating effective leaders who know how to connect and collaborate within themselves and across cultures and differing perspectives. This powerful framework teaches us how to become more mindful in our communications, leadership style and our interactions with others. When we become conscious of the way we show up, speak and connect with others, we are able to establish better relationships, more collaborative work environments and form deeper connections.


NVC is a tool that is talked about and used all over the world in workplaces, businesses and organisations. It is powerful and effective in transforming good leaders into GREAT leaders.

A powerful leader leads with purpose, passion, compassion and authenticity.


Be Free to be the LEADER you know you can be! 

Authentic Communication allows you to develop your personal presence, consider what leadership style suits you most and gain confidence in working with different dynamics and personalities of a team.

Through our 2 Day Leadership Trainings, 6 month Peer Leadership Programs, one on one Coaching, or In-House Trainings,  your capacity as a leader will be exponentially transformed.

We work with you, or with you and your teams in building these life-serving skills.  You will upgrade your in your capacity as a leader, your ability to uplift teams, to resolve conflicts, to gain trust, and to have difficult conversations.  Every relationship in your life will be transformed... including with yourself!

Join our 6 Month Peer Leadership Program

A transformational program designed for leaders ready to step even more fully into their power. Leaders who are ready to lead with passion and purpose, enriching their lives, and the lives of those around them...


Our Case Studies

Over the years, we've worked with individuals, businesses, large organisations, CEO's, and medical and health workers teaching them how to become powerful in their expression, their leadership and their work through embodying NVC's practices.


Here are are a couple of our most profound experiences and case studies working with NVC:

Case Study 1 - Microsoft

We brought NVC into a team working for Microsoft, due to a challenge in the company culture. The teachings were primarly focused towards the managers of the department where we we were able to explore each of their leadership styles, helping to create a more of an empathetic and compassionate approach, and enabling them to understand the needs of the people they work with.

After numerous sessions, we started to see improvements within the team. Some of the results were; halving the number of usually required meetings, helping the product get to market faster — due to the synergy and flow of the team, and most importantly each manager knew how to resolve any conflicts or disputes more quickly and effectively.

Case Study 2 

One of the best things about NVC's teachings, is that it can be applied to anyone or any company. This is demonstrated when working with a physchatric ward to help with both staff and their patients. Upon working with this client, there had been huge levels of injury to staff — which in turn had affected their mental health. We started to see improvements just weeks after applying Nonviolent Communication's powerful principles, and by the end of our time together restraint time for patients had been cut by less than half, and staff were much happier, talking and collaborating with their patients instead of against them.

Work with Shari

Are you looking to create more joy and harmony in your relationship? Do you want to be able to really understand, communicate and connect with your partner on a much deeper level?


Shari works with both individuals and couples globally, helping them strengthen their relationships using NVC and other amazing modalities and teaching.

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Join our Programs and Trainings

Have you learnt NVC and want to live it in your Leadership and every aspect of your life . . . or perhaps you're just beginning to explore Nonviolent Communication and would like more support on this path?

Whether it's our 2-Day Authentic Leadership Communication Foundation Training (perfect no matter what your skill level), or our signature 6 Month Peer Leadership Program designed to help you embody and integrate NVC more deeply into your Leadership and Life, or an in-house Authentic Communication Training, our programs and trainings have been specifically created to engender trust, power and authenticity in every aspect of your life.


2-Day Foundation Training 

Our 2 Day NVC Foundation Training is the starting place to learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication. Whether attending In-Person or Online, each session will help you learn how to meet conflict confidently and create strong and empowering connection in your relationships, home life, workplace, as well as connect you to a like-minded community.

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Weekly Practice Group

The Weekly Practice Group is a beautifully connected environment where we gather together to learn, share, and practice the wisdom of Nonviolent Communication. This practice is for those who have attended the equivalent of a 2 Day NVC Foundation Training or beyond, and is a weekly group with highly experienced trainers, and structured support.

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6 Month Peer Leadership Program

Step into your authentic leadership. The Peer Leadership Program takes your NVC skills to the next level. The 6-month leadership and mentorship program is specifically designed to nurture, accelerate and deepen the integration of NVC principles and practices into your life. It’s transformational power is achieved by group mentoring, focus and intention.

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4-Day NVC Living Retreat

Being Me-Loving You 4 Day (non-residential) Retreat. During this four day retreat, you will be in a community of unconditonal love, support and non-judgment. We'll get to connect deeply with our bodies and deeply learning powerful NVC skills whilst receiving nurturing and gently releasing patterns, which unbeknown to us, we may have held onto for years!

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“There is a deep calling within each of us…
we just need to listen”

- Shari –