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Shari Elle is an intuitive high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, who works with self-aware professionals and purpose-driven leaders wanting to make a difference.

" The most memorable moments between Shari and I was when she gave me reflections that really helped me get an insight into myself. Shari is in it with her whole heart and really invested in her work. It's something that means a lot to her as well as to those who are working with her. "

Shari Elle is an internationally recognised high-performance relationship expert, speaker and coach, with over 22 years of Connection Experience.  She is a co-founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Australia.

She has helped thousands of clients build trust and closeness with family members, reignite disconnected relationships with their partners, assert influence in their organisations, find their authenticity and voice, and become powerful mentors in their community.

Shari is the creator of the Peer Leadership Program, a mentored extended program which integrates these skills and helps people connect with and influence family members, colleagues, and community, helping them become Powerful Leaders who focus on Enriching Life.

She has worked internationally with business leaders, individuals, and organisations, specialising in creating powerful relationships that focus on what matters, and which uplifts and validates each other using the power of authenticity and empathy.  


Nonviolent Communication & Working with Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg

Shari studied extensively with Dr Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication.  She co-founded Nonviolent Communication in Australia and is an internationally certified NVC trainer. She has trained tens of thousands of people over 22 years and runs extended programs including the Peer Leadership Program, which focuses on embodying NVC and other influential practices, sharing awareness, leadership and communication tools.

Coaching with Shari

Shari works with leaders, executives and individuals to powerfully increase their capacity show up Powerfully and Authenitically in Life. 

She also accompanies people through major life transitions (including significant illness) to have the courage and support to meet everything from Power and Love.

When working with Shari, nothing is in judgment or "off limits".  Together we compassionately meet whatever life is calling us to meet, so nothing is left turned away from in the shadows - depleting our life force.

Together we learn to listen and express ourselves with authenticity, power, empathy, and compassion. This allows deeper insight into what is really going on, what is cared about, and from there, we become better leaders, managers, colleagues, parents, partners and lovers.

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NVC Programs & Trainings

2-Day Foundation Training
(Level One NVC)

Our 2 Day NVC Foundation Training is the starting place to learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication.

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12 Week Peer Leadership Program

The Peer Leadership Program is specifically designed to nurture, accelerate and deepen the integration of NVC principles and practices into your life.

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