Shari Elle, Speaker
& NVC Trainer

Shari is an Intuitive, Inspirational and Compassionate Speaker, Coach & Nonvoilent Communication Facilitator.

"I think Shari is an incredibly inspiring speaker and teacher. A lot of her values align with mine what she brings is so meaningful. You can see that her hearts really in what she's teaching and what she's sharing. "

Shari Elle is a experienced NVC Trainer, Coach and International Speaker who has great ability to speak with compassion, empathy, inspiration and passion. She has over two decades experience speaking, teaching and embodying NVC's teachings and has established herself as an in-demand inspiring trainer and speaker within the NVC community.

Over the years Shari has assisted hundreds of organisations, teams, executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, couples and families through Nonvoilent Communication's teachings and her own personal enlightenment. She has unmissable dedication for the work she does and holds great integrity within the NVC community.

Her endless mission is to facilitate joy, empathy and compassion in others.


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"When we are speaking from the depths of ourselves, there is a potency which comes from deep inside that others physically recognise, and they get to feel their own depth"

Shari x