6 Month Peer Leadership and Mentoring Program (PLP)

Next Program Commences: 4 October 2021 to 16 May 2022

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Peer Leadership Program Information Flyer

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Have you wanted to really live this NVC care authenticity, and power in your life as well as in all your relationships?

Do you want more clarity around the skills and how to apply the different paradigms of NVC?

Have you considered sharing this work with others, formally or informally, and would like mentorship, acceleration, and confidence in developing your skills?

Would you like this simple self-awareness and authenticity that NVC brings in all your relationships?

Would you like to step into your authentic leadership in your workplace or profession, to encourage the care, safety and trust that NVC brings?

If so, then I am proud and delighted to announce the commencement of the 6 month Peer Leadership and Mentoring Program in Australia.

Shari Elle

What Is the 6 Month Peer Leadership and Mentoring Program?

This is a small group of committed people, stepping more into their personal leadership, and being intimately mentored by me – Shari Elle – over this 6 months.

It is called the “Peer Leadership Program” because in addition to having me to work with you, each member is also taking responsibility for their own learning and needs whilst also co-creating the learning environment for the group.  We each bring all our experiences to this group and share the skills we have in creating a rich environment of leader-full learning.

I have run this program previously and it exceeded every hope I had.  One participant is now a Certified Trainer in Australia and Internationally.  Another became a community leader, assisting in an intense high need geographic region of Australia.  He told me that there is no way he could have done the chaplaincy  work he did without having completed the PLP.

This is an small group where we all get to know each other intimately.  There is maximum of 20 people accepted into this program.

I look forward to the adventure of journeying with you in this Peer Leadership and Mentoring Program.

Aims of Program:

  • To develop the skills and awareness of the next generation of NVC leaders to exceptional levels
  • To integrate the intentions and practice of NVC into the daily life of participants
  • To enhance the skills of participants to teach NVC and offer one on one NVC coaching sessions, and to support friends and family when required.
  • To evolve a community of leaders creating the change they want to see in the world – from mutual support.
  • To vastly accelerate the speed and depth of integration of NVC awareness and reduce the time toward certification (if that is what you intend).

Outline of Program:

The Program is specifically designed to nurture, accelerate and deepen the integration of NVC principles and practices into participant’s lives.  It runs over a six month period and it’s transformational power is achieved through our group intention, mentoring, and the focused integration of this practice over this time.

The program consists of the following:

  • 3 x Weekend Trainings - These are peer leadership trainings with the full group, led by certified trainer Shari Elle. We will cover the understanding and practical application of NVC at a deeper level than is normally shared during a regular NVC training (including Embodying NVC). It also provides the space to practically “live NVC” with each other.  Group members may lead segments of training.
  • Fortnightly Live Trainings – Fortnightly 2 hour zoom calls, learning and practicing the NVC skills and principles and sharing our individual learning. This call is led by a certified trainer (usually Shari).  These calls are recorded.
  • Mentoring by Shari – Shari will be working closely with each person over the 6 months and offering personalised guided feedback every step of the way.
  • One on one access to Shari – You will have direct access to Shari by text or email, with questions, celebrations, or anything else you need.
  • Pods – You will be in a Pod of 3-5 people through the duration of the program and these pods will meet monthly with Shari for one hour.  It is a time for questions, tracking how each member is going against their objectives, and to ask for any support you may need.
  • Empathy and Support Buddy (optional) –  A rotating buddy will be allocated to practice the exercises, exchange empathy, and get honest feedback.  This accelerates learning through increased practice and feedback.
  • Fortnightly Objectives – At the end of each online training session you will be asked to set your personal objectives for the next fortnight and record them on our Private FB Group. Before the next online session, you will be asked to reflect on how you went and also celebrations and gratitude – especially to yourself. This is an important part of creating a shift in your awareness yet takes only 5 – 10 minutes per fortnight to do.
  • Peer support group – We are all actively supportive of each person growing and developing in the group. We are there in service of each other.
  • Private Facebook Group – There is a private facebook group just for our group, where you will be asked to share weekly celebrations and learnings, and ask questions of the group.


  • Optional One-on-One Coaching sessions - Shari is available through the program by text or email (or phone if necessary).  Additional Coaching with Shari can be purchased separately if required.
Shari Elle - Communications Trainer

About Shari Elle:

Shari has been sharing NVC since 2001 and is one of the co-founders of NVC in Australia.  She is Internationally Certified as a CNVC trainer with the Center of Nonviolent Communication since 2004.

She has studied extensively with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, and teaches and mentors upcoming NVC trainers.

Shari works in Australia and Internationally sharing NVC.  She thrives on creating human connection and understanding within families, workplaces, and communities, as well as mentoring the next generation of leaders with this awareness of what supports Human Connection.

Shari was an original co-founder of the 8 month program Embodying NVC Consciousness Training which successfully ran for over 9 years, and trained over 200 people through the 8 month program.  Numerous NVC Certified Trainers have come through this program. On it’s closure in Oct 2019, it is time to allow the PLP to take flight!

Requests of Participants joining the Peer Leadership Program:

  • To have an intention to embody this consciousness over the 6 months, applying self connection, honesty, and empathy, both during and outside the sessions.
  • To support each other in our collective learning of NVC.
  • To complete the 6 month program together.
  • To commit to attend every scheduled training and coaching
    session except under extreme situations (this is part of holding the
    importance of intention and commitment.)
  • To implement any self determined homeplay exercises between coaching sessions
  • To update the Private Facebook page once a fortnight with celebrations and gratitude and with your intention for the next fortnight.  This can be done in the 10 minutes before the group call whilst we are meeting online. 1 or 2 sentences for each can suffice.
  • As the basics of NVC are assumed I request that a minimum of 2 days NVC training with a certified trainer be completed either prior to program commencement. Please discuss any concerns/queries about this with Shari.

Time Commitment Required for Program:

The aim of this program is for it to be incorporated into the participant’s regular lives and therefore does not require large amounts of time commitment outside of the specified training.  It does however require a six month focus of incorporating NVC in this way, as well as this program being a priority in your life.

The envisaged time required to complete this program over 6 months is

  • 3 weekends of training
  • Average of twice monthly 2 hour zoom training sessions
  • Pod Group call with Shari once a month for 1 hour.
  • Living your normal life to do homeplay (unless you chose some other homeplay)
  • A fortnightly reflection and update posting in the Private Facebook Group (can be as brief or detailed as you like) 5-10 minutes per month.
  • Empathy Buddy exchange (optional) – 1 hour per week or fortnight.

PLP Program and Certification:

Accreditation for NVC certification is coordinated by CNVC and is independent of this training.  Refer to Certification Pack on CNVC website www.cnvc.org.

However, all work done in the PLP with Shari contributes to the number of days and hours which you are accruing toward your 50 days.  We are also covering much of the content you will require for certification.  The skills you learn, both in NVC skills and how to share NVC are directly applicable to certification.

In addition, if you are intending or considering becoming certified, I suggest you use this 6 month period to compile your NVC jackal and giraffe and personal insights journal that is required for certification.

We will also video you sharing aspects of teaching NVC which is also required as part of your accreditation.

Zoom Fortnightly Training Format:

The Peer Leadership Zoom Training Sessions are for a total of 2 hours twice monthly, on Monday evenings, between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm NSW time (although this may be varied by group agreement). Dates are listed in Appendix 1.

The format for these calls is:

  • Members are asked to join the line 5-10 minutes prior to the starting time. This 10 minutes is for you to settle into the call and connect with others in the Peer Leadership Program.
  • The call structure is:
    • Brief check in
    • Learning of a key principal / practice of NVC,
    • Breakout group to practice the exercise and get feedback with partner/group.
    • Share Questions and Learnings/Ah-ha’s.
    • Closing circle
  • To connect with the zoom call, you simply need a good internet connection and computer/ipad.  Zoom allows for breakout groups so we will have small group practice.

Practice Buddy (optional but recommended):

  • If you would like a practice buddy, Shari will allocate you a rotating buddy (changed monthly by roster for those who wish to participate).
  • Every week or fortnight (by arrangement with your buddy) you will get together (by zoom or in person) and practice the skills learnt in the previous session or exchange empathy. You will also have the opportunity for feedback (in NVC format – you will learn this in an early session) to support you both to improve your skills.

Commencement Dates:

Limited Numbers in Program.

As Shari can only closely mentor a small group of people, participants in the PLP program will be limited to a maximum of 20.

Investment in Program:

  • The total investment is $5500 AUD including GST. See appendix B for payment options.  A $450 deposit is required to reserve your place in the program.  A monthly payment plan is available.  (Please note that if you opt for a payment plan, the full amount is payable even if you withdraw from the program before the end of the 6 months.)
  • If finances are an issue for you, please contact me to explore options of how this program may be possible for you.

Next Step:

If this program sounds interesting for you, then send me an email to shari@communicationgroup.com.au sharing what it is that you are inspired/interested by and we will arrange a time to have a 15 minute conversation and see if it is for you.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Shari on shari@communicationgroup.com.au or call me on 0412233955.


I am so deeply inspired by the next generation of NVC leaders and the influence they may have in the world.  And by the awareness and compassion we are nurturing together on the earth.  I look forward to our journeying together!

Shari Elle





Total investment for the program is $5500.

Payment Options:

  • Pay in Full: $450 deposit on application, with the remainder $5050 due before commencement of program.  (Total $5500 inc GST)
  • Monthly Payments: $450 refundable deposit* on application.  Then 6 Monthly payments of $925 AUD (Total  $6000 inc GST)
  • Or by other agreed method.

Please note, as this is a mutual commitment, once you have committed to join this program, there are no cancellations and if you leave the program, all monthly payments are still due.

I would like this program to be accessible for everyone regardless of financial circumstances.  If you are currently seeing this amount as beyond your affordability, please contact me so we can explore strategies to meet everyone’s needs.



Appendix A:  Dates of Trainings

The dates of trainings are:

In Person Weekend Trainings*

  • Sat and Sun 16 & 17 October 8.30 am to 5.00pm
  • Sat and Sun 5 & 6 February 8.30 am to 5.00pm
  • Sat and Sun 7 & 8 May 8.30 am to 5.00pm

Online Live Trainings

The time for each call is 7pm to 9pm Sydney time.

All trainings will be recorded and are via zoom.

  • Mon 4th Oct 2021 (New Official Start) (Just PLP)
  • Mon 18th Oct 2021 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 1st Nov 2021 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 15th Nov 2021 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 6th Dec 2021 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 20th Dec 2021 (Optional Practice Evening) (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 10th Jan 2022 (Optional Practice Evening) (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 24th Jan 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 7th Feb 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 21st Feb 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 7th Mar 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 21st Mar 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 4th April 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 18th April 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 2nd May 2022 (PLP and PLM*)
  • Mon 16th May 2022 (Final night for PLP) (PLP and PLM*)

* PLM is "Peer Leadership Mastermind", our Graduate Program which runs concurrently with PLP.


Appendix B: Program Content

Program content may include some of the following (includes information from Certification Pack) and beyond:

  • Self Empathy
  • Listening to another empathically
  • Expressing honestly
  • Receiving empathy
  • Making requests
  • Hearing “No” – the Yes in No
  • Expressing “No” – Expressing the Yes.
  • Reward and Punishment
  • Moving with Life Energy
  • Collaboration versus competition
  • “Being Giraffe” vs “doing Giraffe”
  • Giraffe honesty vs Jackal honesty
  • Empathy vs sympathy
  • Protective vs punitive use of force
  • Power with vs power over
  • Appreciation vs approval, compliments or praise
  • Choice vs submission or rebellion
  • Observation vs observation mixed with evaluation
  • Feelings vs feeling mixed with thoughts
  • Need vs Request
  • Request vs Demand
  • Stimulus vs Cause
  • Value judgment vs moralistic judgment
  • Natural vs habitual
  • Interdependence vs dependence or independence
  • Life connected vs life alienated
  • Shift vs compromise
  • Persisting vs demanding
  • Self discipline vs obedience
  • Respect for authority vs fear of authority
  • Vulnerability vs weakness
  • Love as a need vs love as a feeling
  • Self empathy vs acting out, repressing or wallowing in feelings
  • Idiomatic vs classical (formal) giraffe
  • Guessing vs knowing
  • Empathic sensing and intellectual guessing.
  • Three kinds of giraffe requests
  • Hearing another’s anger or blame or criticism
  • Self empathy when stimulus is external
  • Self empathy when stimulus is internal
  • Mourning and learning from our regrets
  • Screaming in Giraffe
  • Interrupting
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Receiving gratitude
  • Making conscious choices with awareness of needs
  • Expressing an “apology” in Giraffe
  • Loving all parts of myself
  • Inner Educator and Inner Chooser
  • Plus More…