Weekly  Practice Group (Online)

A place to integrate your NVC skills
in a safe and nurturing environment


The Weekly Practice Group is a beautifully connected environment where we gather together to learn, share, and practise the wisdom of Non-voilent Communication.


“I adore the Practice Group. Sharon brings tremendous authenticity, vulnerability, empathy, and wisdom to her teaching. I’ve found other participants to be similarly courageous in their vulnerability and experienced a profound sense of connection with people I’ve recently met, and only through a screen. 


The small group exercises give me the reinforcement I need to develop my NVC skills and bring them into my relationships. Week by week, Marshall’s insight that “Every criticism, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need” becomes more and more meaningful.


I’m inspired by the breakthroughs of other students, who all help foster my own growth. I’m so grateful to Shari and Sharon for this precious opportunity to better understand my inner life and empathise with the slings and arrows of those around me. This group really does make life more wonderful.”

Liam McLoughlin


Happy friends sitting on the beach singing and playing guitar during the sunset

The Online Weekly Practice is a 12-part 2 hour online series led by NVC practioner Sharon Railing. The purpose of these practices is to allow you to practice and integrate your NVC skills in a beautiful and non-judgemental space. The essence of the practice is felt by everyone who attends and will no doubt leave you feeling more nourished and alive both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Are you ready to embody the fullness of your being and experience a transformation like no other...


The KEY BENEFITS you can experience with NVC are ...

→ Confidence in asking for what you really want
→ Richer, more authentic relationships
→ The ability to say ‘no’ with ease - no matter who is asking you!
→ The ability to not take onboard other people’s judgements personally
→ Being able to quieten the sometimes overactive voice in your head!
→ A greater sense of ease with emotions - both your own and others
→ Becoming equipped with the tools to raise your children into wonderful humans
And a whole lot more..

About Sharon Railings

Sharon is a passionate NVC facilitor who has been actively involved in Non Voilent Communications for nearly 20 years. As a dedicated mentor and teacher for the Communication People, Sharon runs Foundation Trainings and practice groups. She embodies NVC every day, using it in both her personal and professional life and is in the final stages of becoming an NVC Certified Trainer.

Sharon Railings

We can't wait to support you on this extraordinary journey...