Adv 6 Month PEER LEADERSHIP MASTERS (PLM) 5 Feb to 6 Aug 2024 (Prerequisite PLP)

Dates and Times

  •  February 5, 2024 - August 6, 2024
     7:55 pm - 5:55 pm

So you have completed the 6 Month Peer Leadership Program…

  • You have learnt and practiced these skills.
  • You have the knowledge and know that the next phase is consolidating and reinforcing what you have learnt, as well as learning this even more powerfully.
  • You know what it is to courageously be in your home zone and speak and listen from an open heart with honesty.
  • Things look different in your workplace. You trust yourself more.  You are valuing the uniqueness you bring and trusting your Leadership.
  • Your family is discovering a new YOU… and THEY are learning this awareness and way of communicating from seeing how much you have grown and how you are newly showing up.
  • Life looks and feels different to when you started your journey in NVC :~)
  • The community you have been part of has been invaluable in supporting you to become clear and confident and powerful.

You know you are integrating these skills.  You love what you have experienced so far, for you and those around you, and you can sense there is more…

You want JOY to be your home.  With all its shades of emotions – leaving nothing out.  To remove all limitations which up to now you have not even been aware of.  You want to live your fullest life.  To show your children and those around you how living in alignment with who you truly are is not only possible, but who we are and what we are each here for.

You know you are also a catalyst for others to find their authenticity within themselves… not in a preachy way, but through who you are and the authenticity of the conversations you have.

And maybe you want to formally teach others.

You are nourished by the support of this rich community who encourage you and share honesty what they see… to call you forward into all of this… and for them to be there to reach out to when you need loving support.  You don’t need to do this alone – in fact, you know you can’t.

You know that time is short and life is not to be wasted.  That there is a deeper calling inside you waiting to be shared more fully in the world.  You know that now is the time for this deep transformation, for you, for all around you, and for Life and this planet.  It is NOW.

This is the purpose of the Peer Leadership Masters (PLM).