Weekly Practice Group: FAQS

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Weekly Practice Group
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can I still join if can’t remember the content of the NVC Foundation Training?
Yes.  We trust that what you learnt will come back to you once you come to the practice group.  However, to support those in your group, we request that you refresh your NVC skills by reviewing your workbook notes, reading the book “Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life” by Dr Marshall Rosenberg, and we also suggest you resit a Foundation Training.


Q: Can I join if I’m struggling to use the principles of NVC in my everyday life?
Yes. Absolutely this is the purpose of the practice group. To support the embodiment of what you have learnt. To build capacity for everyday access to this consciousness.


Q: Do you record the sessions?
Yes. The teaching part of the session is recorded and may be available in the future to purchase as a separate compilation product.  However, the recordings are not provided to participants.

Information which is of a private nature (as distinct from general questions) will never be included in the recordings unless the person is the main demonstration for the activity (we will check with you first before recording you).


Q: If I buy a single session, can I then purchase the 3 month program?
Yes.  If you upgrade, we do not refund the single session previously purchased.


Q:  If I am in the 6 Month Peer Leadership Program (PLP), can I still attend the Practice Group?
Yes! Many people in the program enjoy the additional practice of NVC in the Practice Group.  It is included as a bonus offer when you join the Peer Leadership Program.  Also, from the time you register for the PLP you are welcome to commence coming to the Practice Group to keep NVC fresh in your life.


Q: What is the difference between the Practice Group and the 6 Month Peer Leadership Program?
The Peer Leadership Program is for people who are committed to fully embody and integrate the skills and awareness of NVC in their everyday lives.  It is a commitment, not just to yourself, but to support the others in the group.  It is also highly mentored for the period of the 6 months, and you work in mutual support with the other members of the PLP.

The Practice Group is a regular support group to keep NVC alive and learn and practice the skills of NVC. You build on the learnings of the Foundation Training and get to practice various scenareos.  It is also a learning and deepening environment, but not the same level of commitment or integration.

The former is a deep committed immersion.  The latter is clarifying, growing and supportive.  The biggest difference is the depth of training and commitment. Some people also do not have the financial resources at this time to join the PLP, and the Practice Group is a wonderful alternative. If you are wanting to deeply integrate and build these skills in the shortest time possible, the Peer Leadership Program is the best program.