Expired EmbodyingNVC – Contributing in the World: Living an engaged life

This retreat opens us up to the interconnectedness of all Life and fully inhabiting our place in it. We learn about and turn toward the challenges of hierachical structures, economic resources, decisions and making a meaningful contribution (meaningful in our own eyes).

Special for October 2015

We are delighted to have Karl Steyaert as our guest trainer, calling in live from the USA. The following topics are therefore unique to October 2015:

Karl Steyaert• The supreme super-satisfier: co-creating conscious communities with or without moving house!

• System transformation: being (and catalyzing) the change we wish to see in the world.

• Money – deep wealth design: moving beyond scarcity thinking in myself and our economy.

*See below for more Karl will offer.

NVC in your Workplace and Profession

General topics for the October retreats (may be altered according to the interests of the group) are:


  • Utilising personal choice, power and contribution effectively.
  • Balancing professionalism and authenticity. Practising honesty that creates connection, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges in distributing personal time and energy.
  • Contributing wholeheartedly with professional clarity, centredness and autonomy, free from beliefs and expectations of those around us.
  • Connecting to your power to make a heartfelt contribution in the world.
  • Creating consciousness, understanding and collaboration in relationships with clients, work colleagues, neighbours, businesses/ service providers and other parts of your community. How to create this.


  • Creating power-with relationships within power-under/over structures that use demands and hierarchy. Moving from domination to cooperative system thinking.
  • Being productive and effective in meetings. Making powerful requests and cutting through to what is important.
  • Making agreements and decisions based on willingness & values.
Strategies for Creating a Business sharing NVC

*Our Guest Trainer, Karl Steyaert will also be contributing the following for those who select the Trainer Development Track of the retreat:

  • Beyond workshops and trainings: life-serving learning experiences
  • NVC for everyone: embodying essence and transcending form
  • Discovering and co-creating your passionate project in the world

Along with the regular topics:


  • How to design an NVC training to meet the needs of your participants. Defining the essentials. Choosing a style. Ending on time.
  • Practise facilitating real-time with ‘difficult’ participants role-played by members of the audience.
  • Deepen your understanding of choices and focus as an NVC Trainer at the front of the room.
  • Learn about the various pathways and elements you can bring together to create your NVC business — there is more than training.
  • Discover how others have built successful businesses sharing NVC.
  • Learn to manage and value your time, energy and inner resources in the business of sharing NVC.
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Dates and Times

  • EmbodyingNVC Contributing in the World
     October 25, 2016 - October 30, 2016
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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