3 Reasons Why it’s important to Feel Your Feelings

This week, I want to share with you a video that I made recently that is close to my heart. In it, I share my thoughts on why it is so vitally important that we improve our abilities in sharing and expressing our emotions.

I won’t say much more about it here because I’d prefer you to experience it for yourself but I do invite you to leave your comments below the video with your thoughts, feelings and experiences on this topic. I would love to hear from you.

I’ve also included a transcript at the very bottom of this email just in case you have any trouble with the link.

Here’s the video…

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Video Transcript:

Three reasons why it’s important to feel our feelings…

Number 1: Our feelings are our way of navigating life. They are what point us to what we like, what we don’t like, what we want more of, what we want less of – and that will be different for every single person. So unless we are connected to our feelings and able to navigate our feelings and be with our strong emotions then we cannot navigate authentically our own life trajectory. Instead, we will play by what other people tell us we should or shouldn’t do. To navigate our own life force it’s imperative to be able to be with our emotions.

Number 2: It’s exactly through being with the intensity of our emotions that we also can go to vulnerability. Vulnerability lies in the scary parts of ourselves and in sharing those with the people who are closest to us that we have the most trust in. If we only share our sanitised version of ourselves – which is what we do when we don’t share our feelings which are always running under the surface anyway – then there is no true intimacy because we actually are sentient beings. And it’s our inner life force, it’s our inner emotions and desires and wants and what matters to us which is reflected through our emotions that we share with those that are close to us. Without having that navigation or our inner life force, we don’t have intimacy.

Thirdly, when we’re not connected to our emotions, our inner world and our inner signals and instead we narrow our emotions or what we tolerate to a narrow band of emotions, then we walk through the world half dead…to be able to be safe, to play a safe life, to play the same game as everyone else because it’s predictable, because it’s what people expect but mostly because we don’t know our inner world and so we have to play by what others think and the way that we’ve been told we should play the game. And then we end up complying and wonder why we wait for retirement and why we put up with jobs that we’re abused in or that we’re putting our life energy into something that we just don’t care about for 8, 10 or 12 hours a day. And we do it to get the money, to get the car, to get the house, to get the predictable things so that we can maybe not work so hard at sometime in the future when we retire. Or maybe more importantly, so that we can keep our children safe.

The more that you can be present to your own emotions and use that as the doorway to know what really matters, what needs you have, what you care about. Then you begin to more and more strongly live your own unique life trajectory. And that is your own reward in itself because you are living with what is alignment what’s in your spirit and in your heart.