Energy Trumps Words – What are we saying?

I want to share with you this powerful video from Chen Miller. I’m so moved by it.

She is a teacher who had a boy in her class who hissed and spat and seemed really angry. Yet how she SAW him made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Once again, it reminds me that how we SEE each other matters. How we SEE

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Can you say “No”?

Do you find it hard to say “No” to requests… and instead do you hear the words “yes” coming out of your mouth even as you feel your heart go heavy???

As people move along their coaching journey with me, they find joy in discovering their true inner voice. Yet often one of the hardest things is to risk saying

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Don’t believe everything you think

If you’ve been to one of my NVC trainings, you will have heard me talk about ‘Jackals’ – the judgmental thoughts we have about ourselves, others, and what is possible in our worlds.

This week’s video is for you if you’ve ever felt the need to share something from your heart but have hesitated because of self-doubt and fear. It

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Maybe the most important video I have ever made

This week, the message I have to offer you is possibly the most important one I’ve ever given. If you’ve ever settled in life, or asked for less than you really want, or said, ‘It’s fine’, when it’s really anything but fine, then you need to watch this video.

I won’t say anything more here because everything I wish to

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A very important analogy

During my 2-day NVC Foundations training, the focus is very much on how to dramatically improve our relationships and connection through understanding our ‘needs’ – what they are, why they are crucial, and how can you start to get them met.

In this week’s video, I’d like to focus on an analogy I use (that aligns beautifully with NVC)

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A shortcut to taking your power back

Last week, I began to share with you about what happens when you place power outside of yourself by blaming others for what you are feeling – and how that never gets you want you actually want. If you missed it, you can watch the video here.

In this week’s video, I would like to offer you a very

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What is happening when you are reactive?

Much of the coaching work that I do centres around conflict within families. When it comes to communication, this area of our life can often be fraught with anger, resentment, hurt, guilt and the list goes on…

If you’ve been to one of my workshops before, you’ll already know that this is usually because one person has placed the responsibility

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Expansion is more important that you might think

Last week I spoke about the theme of how we can become limited in our thinking. I see this as vitally important to our future. Why? Because creating a new future, both individually and collectively, can only happen from new ways of thinking.
Think about that for a moment.

If we continue to create from a limited mindset, we will

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Are your goals making you unhappy?

I’ve been teaching NVC for a long time and something that continues to amaze me is how we, as humans, can tend to think in limited ways – limiting our experience of life.

You see, most of us have been taught from a young age to focus on life with an emphasis on externally-focussed goals: the promotion, the holiday, the

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