Are You Limiting Your Ability to Connect?

Wow, we’re half way through 2018 and what a crazy and wonderful year it has been so far!

If you have been following me on Facebook, you may know that I’ve been travelling. If you want to see more, you can check out what I’ve been doing globally here.

But today I’d like to share with you the difference between

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Being with my Vulnerability Part 2

Last week, I began talking about vulnerability and how the avoidance of it can hinder our ability to honour our needs – in particular, the need for emotional safety.

This week is part 2 and what can happen once we are meeting our need for emotional safety… and how vulnerability can help deeper connection.

Here’s the video (and for those

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Are you appreciating yourself?

I’ve just finished my final 5-day NVC Retreat for the year. As always, it was filled with wonderful moments and people accessing even deeper authenticity. And when the retreat finished and the busy-ness stopped, what I noticed within myself was a tendency to want to keep going. To keep doing more. To stay busy. When what I actually needed

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It all started with a cup of tea

I have written before about the magic of only saying ‘yes’ to others’ requests from a place of genuine joy and giving. Here’s the post if you missed it. What I haven’t yet talked about is the importance of making those requests in the first place.

I was reminded of how important this is just the other day whilst staying

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3 Reasons Why Emotions Can be Scary

A few weeks ago I shared a video about ‘Why It’s Important to Feel Our Feelings’. This week, I’d like to follow up on that thought because for many of us, feeling into our emotions can be one of the scariest
things we ever have to do. In this new video below, my intention is to shed some light on

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Why People Pleasing feels Toxic (Part 2)

Last week I began a series of emails about why people pleasing feels toxic and shared with you the first reason why – click here if you missed it.

I received many responses of gratitude for putting words to people’s experiences and helping to make sense of what was going on for them.

Today I’d like to share what I

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Why People Pleasing feels Toxic (Part 1)

If there’s one thing that makes it difficult to know your unique expression in this world, it’s when you try to please others to keep them happy. I’m currently working with someone who for their very survival, found it critical to please others as she was growing up, just so that she would belong within her family. And this is

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