You don’t need to be afraid of how much power you have

One of Marshall Rosenberg’s core knowings was that each one of us is immensely powerful and that the more that each of us can tap into and express that power, the more we can contribute to the world in the way that we are uniquely designed to do.
There has been one big problem with this though – many of us are afraid of our own power. Why? Because we may see the so-called ‘powerful’ people in this world using their ‘power’ to abuse and harm and destroy and it has been easy to believe that this is true power. It’s not.

In this week’s video, I dive into this topic about Power and Purpose and what it is to uncover and harness your true power as a human being.

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Video transcription:

We’ve just finished a 5-day Embodying NVC Retreat on Power and Purpose. This retreat just meant so much to me because one of the things that I’m so inspired by with Marshall Rosenberg was his vision that each one of us is immensely powerful.

And it’s not even a vision, it’s a knowing, it’s a truth – that each one of us is immensely powerful.

And it’s like: what is that is our unique ability to contribute in the world in the way that we are called and that is absolutely true to us. For some people I know, they came into this retreat feeling really nervous because they were like, oh God, there’s some big thing that I need to do.

Where they got to in the end is that ‘the clarity that I have right now is that it is my time to really become authentic within myself and to know that and to find that because that’s going to be my base point to step authentically into the world.’

For every person that’s a different place and yet still, within each one of us is an incredibly powerful human being.

What I discovered also at this retreat is that so many of us are afraid of the power that is within us. That somehow if we were to recognise our power – and by the way, there is no separation between our power and the spirit that moves through us; the human being-ness, it’s all the same power. That if somehow, they were to own their own power, then they might become more powerful than what they can do good with in the world. That somehow they might actually lose touch with their own goodness and start using it in an inappropriate or an uncaring or an unkind [way].

They just see so many people with power and how they are abusing their power.

But one of the things that I really want to share is that that is NOT power. That is egoic power. That is power that is based in I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to care about the impact of that externally. But when I am connected with my internal, authentic spirit and power that is in me as a human being then I don’t need to be concerned about that because I’m connected with both my human power but also my divine power.

And divine is a word that some people have challenges with so put your own name on it but to me it is a sense of divine – a sense of pure goodness, of pure interconnectedness. That’s why this word really resonates with me.

So I’d invite you to more and more and more step into your divine power which is what I see happens with NVC. Our authenticity really starts to come through. Our dropping of how we should be in the world. And our dropping of trying to manipulate anyone else to be any way that we think that they should be. And instead be with reality just the way it is which is where our fullest power comes.

I look forward to seeing you at some time in the future at an event or something else. Please come and introduce yourself, I’d love to meet your being.

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