Are you appreciating yourself?

I’ve just finished my final 5-day NVC Retreat for the year. As always, it was filled with wonderful moments and people accessing even deeper authenticity. And when the retreat finished and the busy-ness stopped, what I noticed within myself was a tendency to want to keep going. To keep doing more. To stay busy. When what I actually needed most was something quite different.

In this video, I share more about this and how it contributed to an important shift in understanding what I actually needed (transcript below).

Over the next month or two I will be sending through a series of videos that I’ve created about an all important topic – yourself. In this week’s video, I start at the beginning – appreciating yourself. Appreciating all that you are right now and everything you’ve been and done up until this point to reach who you are currently being. Because without this full appreciation of self, it’s easy to get caught up in the doing-ness and forget just why we’re here in the first place!

There are also some important questions that I ask at the end of the video that I encourage you to spend some time contemplating on.



Video transcript:

I’ve just come out of running a 5-day Embodying NVC Retreat where it was so beautiful to watch the different participants at different times just really going through the enormous self-awareness and shifts that happen within themselves when they free up the conditioning within themselves to become even more authentic – all while learning the skills of NVC.

And what I noticed when I completed is that firstly, it was an enormously busy time but furthermore, there was a sense of a need to keep doing. It was almost like I was wound up and I needed to keep going. And with my beautiful coach, Jason Sneddon, I realised that what I wasn’t doing was appreciating myself.

Somehow, in my conditioning, it’s been wrong to somehow appreciate myself. And I don’t just mean celebrate – I was definitely celebrating. My team and I really took the time to savour and celebrate and be specific about what we were celebrating. But that’s not what I mean.

What I mean is – the time to really appreciate myself. Really appreciate that what I’m dedicating my life to is to enhance lives, to support people in connecting more fully with other human beings, to become authentic and to drop the conditioning that happens just by being born into the cultures that we have.

What I didn’t do is take the time to appreciate myself. Like wow, thank you Shari! Thank you for not only having this intention but for following through. Thank you for all the moments that you were present with somebody else when they were going through things. Thank you for caring enough about this work to continue on with it for 16 or 17 years – just with NVC.

Thank you Shari for gathering around you such an amazing group of people – because I can’t do this alone – so thank you for allowing myself to receive from these beautiful beings. Thank you for saying ‘yes’ to continuing a program that was actually about to fold. Thank you for listening to my own life force and staying true to that so that others may benefit.

Because I am not separate to everyone else or to life or to what’s going on. So to actually take the time to really appreciate myself [was the most important thing I could’ve done].

So my question is: Where are you appreciating yourself? Where are you loving yourself for the choices that you’re making? And loving yourself anyway? And savouring the choices that you’re making?