Can you say “No”?

Do you find it hard to say “No” to requests… and instead do you hear the words “yes” coming out of your mouth even as you feel your heart go heavy??? As people move along their coaching journey with me, they find joy in discovering their true inner voice. Yet often one of the hardest … Read more

Don’t believe everything you think

If you’ve been to one of my NVC trainings, you will have heard me talk about ‘Jackals’ – the judgmental thoughts we have about ourselves, others, and what is possible in our worlds. This week’s video is for you if you’ve ever felt the need to share something from your heart but have hesitated because … Read more

Why is NVC not “working”?

A couple of weeks ago I ran one of my NVC Foundation Trainings. As always, we had a roomful of dedicated participants who were ready to transform their relationships and find more powerful ways of communicating with those they care about. An interesting conversation arose on the second day with one of the participants who … Read more

A very important analogy

During my 2-day NVC Foundations training, the focus is very much on how to dramatically improve our relationships and connection through understanding our ‘needs’ – what they are, why they are crucial, and how can you start to get them met. In this week’s video, I’d like to focus on an analogy I use (that … Read more

Are your goals making you unhappy?

I’ve been teaching NVC for a long time and something that continues to amaze me is how we, as humans, can tend to think in limited ways – limiting our experience of life. You see, most of us have been taught from a young age to focus on life with an emphasis on externally-focussed goals: … Read more