All you are becoming is already here

I love eating alive and vibrant foods, and in my home right now is a 30cm tall basil plant that I grew from a tiny seed.

Every day this basil plant shines it’s luminance and abundance and shares itself with me. I look at it for ages and it is such a source of wonder. Why?

Because…everything that is in this single joyful basil plant was already contained within that one tiny seed. Everything!

Within that original tiny tiny dot of a seed, this whole plant already existed!  How could that possibly be?!

But it’s not just true for this basil plant… It’s true for all of Life. And it’s true for each of us! That all we will ever be is already here within us now.

I was so inspired by this, that I added a small piece to the video about how we can apply this in our own life.

I hope this little basil plant helps you to remember the wonder and amazingness of Life, and the wonder and amazingness of You, as it did for me.

With love,