What are you connecting to today?

One thing I’m most connected to right now is moving into a new phase of my life and business and as such, I’m going to be in touch with my networks and community more frequently.

One of my intentions is connect more with the people I’ve met, and another is to support others in taking the tools of NVC and empathic leadership more successfully into their lives.

The timing of this has been very deliberate – shortly after making this decision, I embarked on a 6-day walk on country travelling the Jatbula Trail. It is the land of the Jawoyn people in the Northern Territory. Why was this trip important to me?

Well, firstly… it was such a wonderfully heart-expanding experience and I knew this journey would challenge me physically, emotionally and spiritually – and it did! Secondly, I also know that sometimes when we remove ourselves from the everyday we can connect with an even deeper place within so we can contribute most fully as we go forward. 

It was important for me to begin this new adventure in life and business the right way.

Furthermore, I was travelling this songline with five other courageous individuals who had also trained in NVC, so we made it a priority to begin the 6-days powerfully – with a heartfelt connection to what was important to us for the journey.


For this trek, I connected to what was important in my heart and then extended that out to others in the group and also the spirit of the land that we would be walking on over the next 6-days. I then called upon the ancestors as well as the current

and future peoples of the land and asked them for safe passage and support for our journey.

We would also ‘check-in’ every single day before taking our first steps. If you have done any of my 5-day Embodying NVC retreats, you will remember this practice as an integral part of each morning’s routine.

Connecting to what is important before you begin something (a project, a relationship, a new day…) is a wonderful practice that you can take into your life straight away. Whether this practice is structured or more relaxed, spoken out loud or an inner reflection is less important than the impact of actually doing it.

What emerges from that is an inner peace and a gentle allowing that supports me to be present to everything, moving from love.

I will be sharing more important insights from this trip in the coming months but in the meantime, I have an invitation for you… How can you start connecting more deeply to what’s important today too?

With love,