A powerful video from Chen Miller

I want to share with you this powerful video from Chen Miller.  I’m so moved by it. She is a teacher who had a boy in her class who hissed and spat and seemed really angry. Yet how she SAW him made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Once again, it reminds me that how we SEE each … Read more

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Right now, as a human race, I see that we can only benefit from more compassionate, empathic and empowered leaders. Every single one of us is already a leader in some area of life.  We have influence in our workplace, we have influence in our family and we have influence in our community.  We already … Read more

Giving Thanks…

With all all the positive and engaging developments that are happening and changing around me, I had completely forgotten to do some very important things. I was reminded of these the other day while down at Curl Curl beach and was compelled to make this quick video as a reminder to myself (and maybe you) … Read more

How can we communicate better with children?

I made a video recently when I was out and about with a beautiful friend of mine. We were having coffee together and she asked me a fantastic question that I would like to share with you today. It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot over the years and even though we refer … Read more

Listening to the answers that are given

It’s good to connect with you again… For the past month or so, I have been writing exclusively about my experiences along the Jatbula Trail. In this, my last post for now focussing on this walk, I thought it apt to conclude these sharings with the answer to a question that I asked on the … Read more

Do It All Ourselves

I’ve been sharing these past few weeks about my recent experience of walking the indigenous songline of the Jatbula Trail in the Northern Territory – and how life changing this experience was. What I haven’t yet shared with you in detail is how difficult this walk was, and one of the ways in which the … Read more

What are you connecting to today?

One thing I’m most connected to right now is moving into a new phase of my life and business and as such, I’m going to be in touch with my networks and community more frequently.

One of my intentions is connect more with the people I’ve met, and another is to support others in taking the tools of NVC and empathic leadership more successfully into their lives.