Nonviolent Communication
for Beginners

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is referred to as a language of compassion, allowing us to express ourselves in our most authentic way.

Developed by Dr Marshall B Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful tool that has been used world-wide to effect positive social change. Once learnt, NVC enables us to really hear and understand each other in a way that enriches our connections, relationships, communication, and our lives.

If you've been in the personal development space, than you may have heard or met people speaking about Nonviolent Communication, otherwise known as NVC. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a communication and language framework being used all around the world. From individuals of all ages, to couples, schools and organisations, Nonviolent Communication is beautiful tool used to create positive and social change. However it's a little more than a tool but a spiritual practice and a conscious movement that allows us to become the most truest version of ourselves.


Learning NVC not only enriches your life, work and relationships, but also the lives of others. Described as the language of compassion, NVC gives us the tools and consciousness to understand ourselves better by becoming more accountable for our actions (and reactions) and taking self responsibility for our emotions and triggers . Over time this creates habital changes in how we think and respond to life. Through NVC, we learn how to understand these needs and those of others with greater empathy and compassion. This understanding can create great change within a deeper level of ourselves, and within our global consciousness. When our focus is on our needs (and of others needs), without judging, blaming or shaming ourselves or others, it enables us to get greater clarity, awareness and better solutions that may have been otherwise blocked. At this level of understanding, conflicts, disputs or misunderstanding can be resolved with much more ease, relationships harmonise and new connections can be formed.


Nonviolent Communication invites us to become more vulnerable. In doing so we can learn how to become more authentic, more observative and attentive with other needs, more truthful and honest in our expression, and more willing to heal and let go of our past.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful, useful and effective method to creating more happiness, harmony, connection, gratitude and empowerment in our relationships, no matter how long you've been together.


When there is a communication breakdown it can lead to a myraid of emotions that can cause hurt and disconnection, driving a couple further apart. NVC's proven teachings and techniques enables us to become much more self-aware as to how we are feeling moment by moment — allowing us to become much more authentic when expressing our needs and desires to our partner, and more empathetic and compassionate when hearing theirs.


4 steps to compassionate communication using NVC

Founder and creator of NVC, Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg, created four steps that helps us communicate with one another in a more empathetic and compassionate manner. The following steps can be extremely effective when used in relationships.


1. Observation
NVC teaches us how to observe our emotions without making a judgement. Reserving our judgements on what we are feeling (especially when we are triggered) without being reactive, allows us to move through our emotions, and that of our partners in a more graceful manner.  This leads to better understanding of ourselves and of each other.


2. Feeling

Learning NVC allows us to take greater responsibility for our feelings. NVC explains that what our partners say and do is considered a stimuli, that may cause reactiveness due to unresolved triggers, but it is never the cause of how we feel.


3. Needs

NVC helps us take the next step by creating a  connection between our feelings and our unmet needs. Needs that are common and fundamental to all relationships and our human experience. NVC shows us that rejected emotions such as anger and frustration can be seen as indicators of needs, such as acceptance and love, that are yearning to be fulfilled.


4. Requests

The final step in this process is to make requests that are specific and enrich lives for both people. These requests are positive and made in a way that enables a person to respond compassionately. An example of this would be "I would like to spend more time together" instead of "I don't want you going out with your friends all the time" 


NVC is a deeper consciousness of needs. When this framework is used in relationships, it can create a greater level of understanding and compassion, resulting in more joy, appreciation and fulfillment for both you and your partner.

NVC is a great tool that can be brought in to a relationship to help couples learn how to understand each other (and themselves) on a deeper level, resulting in stronger communication and connection and greater wellbeing.

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Have you learnt NVC and want to live it more fully in your life . . . or perhaps you're just beginning to explore Nonviolent Communication and would like more support on this path. Whether it's our 2-Day Foundation Training which is perfect for beginners, or our signature 6 Month Peer Leadership Program designed to help you embody and integrate NVC more deeply into your lives, our programs and trainings have been specifically created to nourish and guide you on your NVC journey.

2-Day Foundation Training 

Our 2 Day NVC Foundation Training is the starting place to learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication. Whether attending In-Person or Online, each session will help you learn how to meet conflict confidently and create strong and empowering connection in your relationships, home life, workplace, as well as connect you to a like-minded community.

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4-Day NVC Living Retreat

Being Me-Loving You 4 Day (non-residential) Retreat. During this four day retreat, you will be in a community of unconditonal love, support and non-judgment.  We'll get to connect deeply with our bodies and deeply learning powerful NVC skills whilst receiving nurturing and gently releasing patterns, which unbeknown to us, we may have held onto for years!

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6 Month Peer Leadership Program

Step into your authentic leadership. The Peer Leadership Program takes your NVC skills to the next level. The 6-month leadership and mentorship program is specifically designed to nurture, accelerate and deepen the integration of NVC principles and practices into your life. It’s transformational power is achieved by group mentoring, focus and intention.

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Weekly Practice Group

The Weekly Practice Group is a beautifully connected environment where we gather together to learn, share, and practice the wisdom of Nonviolent Communication. This practice is for those who have attended the equivalent of a 2 Day NVC Foundation Training or beyond, and is a weekly group with highly experienced trainers, and structured support.

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