Getting Older, Learning and Celebrating

A week ago I turned 55 and had the opportunity to deliver an impromptu presentation to a small group. The topic I was asked to share was: “What have I learnt so far in my life, and what wisdom would I like to share with others”.

It was fun for me to reflect and celebrate, and I was surprised by how grateful I felt for the choices I had made and the inner compass I have lived from. Each of us is unique and we all have a particular set of choices we have made that have created the course for our life. A beautiful gift we can give ourselves is to simply stop, reflect and celebrate what has brought us to where we are.

The video below is this presentation where I share some of my unique choices and reflections on who I chose to be. I offer up three key learnings and experiences that I have taken from my life so far. They are:

  1. Choose wisely
  2. Why our life is an ‘inside job’
  3. Everyone is doing the best that they can do – there is no inherent ‘badness’ in anyone.

I would love to hear what you celebrate and have learned in your time on this planet Earth.


With love,