I love this video

In case you didn’t see it, I wanted to share this video that was taken a couple of weeks ago at the NVC retreat in Bali. I sat with a lot of people that week but sometimes, a comment or person just stands out and makes me want to make sure that as many people have heard it as possible.

The video is of myself with one of our NVC translators, Philip from Indonesia, who is also an adult educator and moving toward certification to be an NVC trainer.

In it, he shares a wonderful analogy for what following our heart in life can feel like and how it can sometimes feel like you are going against everything that you’ve been taught by others. For me, this sits at the core of what living life authentically means.

Here’s the video. I’ve also included a transcript in the blurb, as some parts might be difficult to hear.

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Here’s to sewing your own parachute…

With love,