Preparing For Holidays: Three Questions To Ask Yourself (Even If You’re Not A Parent)

For Many Parents, The School Holidays Can Present Day-To-Day Challenges That You Don’t Normally Experience During The School Year.  When We Are Faced With 24-Hours A Day Trying To Entertain And Care For Young (And Sometimes, Not-So-Young) Children, It Can Sometimes Feel Like A Battle To The End; An Endurance Race In Which All We Can Do To Keep Ourselves Sane Is To Envision The Finish Line.

If You Have Children, Then You Will Probably Be Familiar With The Ongoing Battles To Alleviate Boredom, Manage Restlessness, Monitor ‘Screentime’ (TV/Phone/Computer Etc) And So On.

Even If You Don’t Have Children, How Do You Make Sure That You Make The Most Of Your Holiday Time?

What If, Before Our Holidays Begin,

We All Spent Some Time Envisioning And Preparing For What We Most

Want To Experience During The Holiday Season?

To Help You Do This, Here Are Three Questions That You Can Ask Yourself Right Now, Before The Holidays Begin:

1. At The End Of The Holidays, Looking Back, What Are Three Things You Would Love To Have Done/Experienced?

2. What Would I Like My Children To Learn These Holidays? And Even, What Would I Like To Learn?

3. What In General, Would Make These Holidays Wonderful And Entirely Memorable For Years To Come?

My List Is Still “Stewing” And “Fermenting” And I’m Tuning Even More Deeply Into My Heart Around This, But What I Have So Far Is:

  • I’d Like To Do Some Sailing (I’ve Joined The App “Meet-Up” And Joined Some Sailing Groups)
  • Play Some Social Badminton (My Friend Shar Put Me Onto This Fun Sport!)
  • Catch Up With Friends,
  • Learn To Play One Song On My Guitar (Watch Out Antoinette, I’m Going To Call On You For That One!),
  • Plant Out My Balcony Vegie Garden,
  • Build Up My Body Exercise And Swim Every Day,
  • Bring Together A Group Of Friends For A New Year Eve Meal,
  • Spend New Year Morning On The Beach Welcoming In The New Year (See My Next Post For More On That Precious Time),
  • Take My Niece And Nephew To The Powerhouse Museum (Or Check Out If They Have Somewhere Else They Would Like To Go),
  • Drive To Cessnock And Check It Out Just Because I Can!  I Might Even Throw In My Tent And Camp Somewhere Overnight.  Maybe Even Take My Mum!!!
  • Give My Mum A Hand Around Her Home.

Sounds Like A Deliciously Rich 2 Weeks And Even Just Dreaming Them Is Part Of The Enrichment Process!!!

They Are Pretty Good Questions To Ask Of Ourselves Before Any Holiday – Kids Or No Kids! The More Consciously We Decide What We Wish To Experience, The More Delicious, The More Present,  The Less Reactive, And More Creative Our Lives Become.

But One Tip, Dream, Have A Plan, And Then Let Go Of The Outcome… For Even Though You Have Considered This, Life May Have Something In Store That Is Way Better. :~)

So That Being Said, I Wish You And Your Family, A Wonderful, Conscious And Memorable Holiday Season.

With Love,