A real life example of Nonviolent Communication

Last week I mentioned that I would share a personal story about how the techniques of Nonviolent Communication built deep connection with my son during an incident when it could’ve gone a completely different way.

The video below is a little longer than normal, but absolutely worth it if you persist to the end. As you will see, the words

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Another barrier to connection

Last week I shared a video on the importance of separating out fact from moralistic judgment when connecting with another person.  If you missed that post, click here.  This week I am talking about another everyday cause of human separation: using words that imply ‘wrongness’.

Using these words is likely to trigger defensiveness in the person we

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Are you standing in the way of your connection with another?

In all relationships, we are either experiencing connection with the other person or else, we are moving away from it.

In my trainings over the years, I have found that two of the more difficult aspects of connection are the difference between: observation (fact) and Interpretation of the Facts (judgement).

If we are in interpretation, it’s easy to hook into

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All you are becoming is already here

I love eating alive and vibrant foods, and in my home right now is a 30cm tall basil plant that I grew from a tiny seed.

Every day this basil plant shines it’s luminance and abundance and shares itself with me. I look at it for ages and it is such a source of wonder. Why?

Because…everything that is in

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The problem with someone else’s potential

I have been practicing and teaching the principles of Nonviolent Communication for fifteen years, and I still find one of the principles of NVC both challenging and undeniably profound.

It is this: If my intention is to change someone, in any way, it is an act of violence.

I have experienced this principle most directly in my own life

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Is there something you are ignoring?

A few days ago I sat in a café with a friend when the conversation turned to the subject of ‘inner knowing’. I knew the topic was important so I posted a video on Facebook straight away, while still sitting with my friend.

I thought that would be enough but on reflection, I felt instinctively that more was needed on

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Listen to Yourself

I left you last year with a ritual that I practiced to welcome the new year and set clear intentions for the year to come. So many people told me how grateful they were for this way of honouring this new year and getting clear in what was important to them. My heart was touched each time I read one

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Bringing back spontaneity

One of the things I love to do from time to time is take myself on a spontaneous adventure. Every so often I will throw my tent into the car and start driving. Sometimes I’ll take food but I often find that even this isn’t necessary, as part of the adventure can lie in seeing what I find along the

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A gift for the New Year

I don’t know about you, but for me, I don’t care so much for big New Year’s Eve parties.

The New Year is something more reflective than that.  It’s the turning point of the year.  The pause (breathe out and release), the turning tide, the next cycle.

New Year is a time we can reflect and dream.


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